Our Universe
   Fields full of flowers, the sound of running streams, the shining surface of lakes, the brilliant whiteness of a snowy mountain top. Forget about all of these things.
   Planetary nuclear catastrophe, where once stood the cradle of mankind is now deserted ashes, where those who escaped the white flaming madness now try to survive in fires, epidemics and ruin. Everyone here knows that he is doomed. Doomed either to death or glory, but both of these concepts seem twisted together on this burned wasteland called Earth.
   There is the City, yes, the only known City left, where those who live are strong enough to rise from their knees and not to shrink in the face of danger and deprivation.
   The City itself and all those who live there will provide you with weapons and power, and will support you on this difficult path, on the path of glory and fame, on the path for mankind.
   Of course, during nuclear winter and times of uncertainty, enemies of the survivors have become stronger and gathered forces. First, there are the mutants – derelicts, victims of cloning experiments, radiation and DNA alteration. They have created their own society somewhere in the depths of the burned earth. Their massed raids and sudden attacks take their prey by surprise without any chance of finding shelter when they’re away from the only City. Mutants are ruthless and grim, and even more frightening, there are lots of them, a number too large to imagine.
   The increased level of radiation and fauna evolution has also cause a curious increase in the evolutionary development of other creatures that have survived. They have adapted to new conditions in such a way that they became a serious threat to travelers and daredevils who risked to go outside the City.
   The world outside of the City is cruel; only an experienced warrior and great fighter like you can survive and emerge victorious.
   Join us! Prove your power, prove your fighting skill, your willingness to win. Enter the TimeZero world and try to conquer it all.
   For your first visit to the City, remember that it’s hard to live inside it, mortally dangerous, but outside of the City it’s totally impossible to survive. For a short while you may leave the City and learn about the world outside, but do not forget, only a short visit!